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This site showcases the rebuild, development, and racing of a Datsun 1600 Roadster prepared for SCCA G Production road racing.

Current News (February 7, 2004)

I'm starting to get a few project wrapped up in the garage, and I've added a few pictures to the site. I've completed the rear axle installation, and the new fenders have been installed. Pictures of the rear disk brakes, as well as my kevlar airbox project can be seen here.

(December 15, 2003)

Merry Christmas! It's been busy in the garage for the past few weeks. I made my first carbon fiber/kevlar hood, and I've completed a second carbon fiber/kevlar trunk lid. Before trimming, it weighs in at 1 lb., 6 oz. Quite a bit lighter than the 13 lb. steel trunk lid. It also uses the stock hinges. The hood weighs approximately 5 lbs., which is about 20 lbs lighter than the stock hood. Dwarf Car Products has completed the rear axle work, and it should be showing up at my place sometime this week. In the meantime, my re-valved, externally adjustable, Koni shocks were reinstalled, and I'm continuing to work out some bodywork improvements at the front of the car.

(November 4, 2003)

The results are finally official. I am the 2003 Waterford Hills GP Class Champion, and I've also won the GP class championship in the SCCA Central Division Regional Championship series. I'm very thankful to all my friends and sponsors who helped out this year, and helped make the 2003 season such a success.

(October 14,2003)

Some minor updates to the website. I've cleaned up and centralized access to pictures and movies. It's a little more organized, and will make it easier for me to get more pics (and movies) uploaded. As far as the car goes, the rear fenders have been painted, and the mold for the new hood is done. I'll need to do a little repair and finish work on the mold before it will be ready to make hoods, though.

(October 4, 2003)

Racing season is over, and I'm already hard at work getting the car ready for 2004. The rear axle was shipped to Dwarf Car Products this week for the full floating axle/rear disk brake conversion. The rear steel fenders are in the process of being cut out. They will be replaced with fiberglass. I'm also working on making a mold so I can produce a carbon/kevlar hood. The website has also received a few updates, mainly on the links page.

(August 12, 2003)

Mid Ohio was a mixed success. The engine rebuild worked out well...I was 11 seconds a lap faster than last summer. Recurring carburetor problems kept me from going faster, but I'm close to getting those sorted out now. A second place finish on Saturday, and a third place finish on Sunday should put me in the points lead for a Central Division Regional Championship.

(July 24, 2003)

I'm in the process of rebuilding the engine after wiping a camshaft. I think I've resolved all the issues that caused the problem, and I should have a little more horsepower after this rebuild. If all goes well, I'll be headed to Mid-Ohio Aug 2-3. I've also added some links to for products and books that I've found useful in my racing efforts.

(May 4, 2003)

First race weekend with the new engine. Three races, three wins! I have a minor hot start problem to work on, and I probably need a larger radiator before the summer gets hot.

(January 31, 2003)

Pistons are due in a couple of weeks. Overall, work on the car is progressing slowly but surely. First race weekend will be May 4-5. I've also set myself up as an Amsoil Dealer. Click here for more info. I'm also working on making some oil cooler block adapters for a few interested parties.

(November 30, 2002)

Pistons are being made for the new engine. Things are coming together to have a new engine in the car for the 2003 season. New hosting site, my own domain name, and a new bulletin board.

August 2002

Raced at Mid Ohio for the first time last weekend. Made a lot of progess in getting the car to run better too. I also now have and SCCA Regional license, which is hopefully a stepping stone to a National license.

(May 15, 2002)

Added Classic Datsun Motorsports to my list of sponsors

(May 8, 2002)

First race weekend results: one win, two second places! Reduced my best lap time by over a second.

Below is a screen capture from a computer simulation I've been running to study potential improvements in suspension kinematics.

This picture was captured from MotionView, a pre and post-processor for performing multi-body dynamics simulations. The company that I work for, Altair Engineering, produces it.

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