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May 3-4, 2003 Race Weekend

This was the first weekend with the new engine. Things went really well. Three races - three wins. Still need to do a few tweaks on the engine, but it's very close, and the car has decent power now. Pictures were taken during qualifying, and the Saturday race at Waterford Hills, Michigan.

Running through the "esses." Just starting the get the feel for the new engine. The car drives a lot differently with the extra horses under my right foot.
Another picture through the "esses." I'm in traffic, and obviously pushing a bit harder. Just take a close look at the right front tire just barely touching the ground.
Start of the Saturday race. I qualified 7th overall, my best qualifying ever, and 1st in class. I finished 11th overall, and 1st in class. The first six cars are in front of me, but this turned out to be a great shot.

All photos credited to Nick Devinck.

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